Daniel Farke sets Todd Cantwell a challenge after starring Newcastle role

PUBLISHED: 08:04 19 August 2019 | UPDATED: 13:49 19 August 2019

Todd Cantwell's display against Newcastle United earned high praise from Daniel Farke Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Todd Cantwell's display against Newcastle United earned high praise from Daniel Farke Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Todd Cantwell is the local boy doing great, but Daniel Farke has set the Norwich City starlet a challenge.

The Dereham-bred attacking midfielder marked his second Premier League appearance with a prominent role in two of Teemu Pukki's match-winning hat-trick during a stirring 3-1 home triumph over Newcastle United on Saturday.

Farke is keen to avoid adding to the hype but did admit Cantwell is too good to keep out of the starting line up at present.

"One thing is for sure there are no gifts. It is not like he plays just because he is a local hero or he is a youngster," he said. "He delivers and my feeling is he is pretty focused and improves from day to day. He can go further on and he must.

"Everyone speaks about the young lads and our future and how we buy into this but the most important thing is how you act, not how you speak.

"I am pretty strict with the younger players and there is no better sign that the coach trusts you than to be in the starting line up.

"But I don't like to praise the young lads too much. We have a lot of competition in the squad."

Cantwell had kept Onel Hernandez out of the Canaries' starting line up in the opening week of the season and Farke confirmed after this maiden win the Cuban will be out for three months following scans on his knee injury.

Jamal Lewis also limped out of the 3-1 win against the Magpies but Farke allayed concerns he had suffered a major problem.

"He over-stretched his leg a bit and had a cramp so he didn't want to risk it. We took him off straight away," he said. "The physio told me straight after the game it is not too bad and he can go again pretty soon.

"With Onel it is not the worst case. His ACL seems to be okay but his lateral meniscus is torn and he needs surgery this week. With this diagnosis he will be out for the next few months.

"It is still a big blow. We have to find some solutions."

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