Norwich City transfer rumours: Champions League striker in Canaries’ sights

PUBLISHED: 21:07 31 December 2019 | UPDATED: 09:58 01 January 2020

Norwich City have been linked to Ajax defender Sven Botman

Norwich City have been linked to Ajax defender Sven Botman


Norwich City have reportedly enquired about Genk frontman Mbwana Samatta.

The 27-year-old powerhouse scored three times in the Champions League for the Belgian champions earlier this season, including a goal against the holders Liverpool in a 2-1 group defeat at Anfield in November.

The Daily Mail claim on Tuesday night City and Premier League rivals Brighton have both enquired about the £10m-rated Samatta, who has 10 goals in 26 appearances this season and was top scorer in Belgium last season.

Samatta, a Tanzania international, is under contract at the Belgians until 2021 but has been prolific since moving to Belgian club football in 2016. The striker notched 26 goals in 49 appearances last season for club and country and featured in the African Cup of Nations.

The paper also claim Eintracht Frankfurt and Lazio are keeping tabs on the forward.

The transfer window officially opens on New Year's Day and the Canaries have made it clear they aim to bolster Daniel Farke's squad for the Premier League survival push.

Samatta is the latest in a growing number of potential striker recruits touted with a Carrow Road switch to provide competition for Teemu Pukki and back up Dennis Srbeny with Josip Drmic out injured until January and Adam Idah set for a Football League loan.

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