Norwich City transfer rumours: Leicester City and Newcastle track Cantwell

PUBLISHED: 19:16 17 July 2020 | UPDATED: 19:19 17 July 2020

Todd Cantwell is now being linked with Leicester City and Newcastle after previous transfer story touting him with Sheffield United Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Todd Cantwell is now being linked with Leicester City and Newcastle after previous transfer story touting him with Sheffield United Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Premier League duo Leicester City and Newcastle United both have Norwich City youngster Todd Cantwell in their sights.

The Daily Mail report on Friday evening the top flight pair are weighing up whether to test City’s resolve to hold onto Dereham bred Cantwell this summer, following the club’s Premier League demotion.

The 22-year-old has caught the eye during a breakthrough senior campaign with seven goals in 38 appearances and an England Under-21 debut.

Cantwell was recently touted with Sheffield United but, according to the Daily Mail, the Champions League-chasing Foxes are admirers.

Newcastle also have Cantwell on their radar, although the Magpies’ proposed ownership takeover is yet to go through on Tyneside.

Cantwell signed a new longer term deal at Carrow Road last summer which ties him to his boyhood club until 2023.

Sporting director Stuart Webber reiterated earlier this week none of the club’s hottest talent will leave unless the price is right.

“We are difficult to negotiate with when we are selling, and we hold all the cards on our young players,” he said. “Not one of them has less than three years left on their contracts. They owe us, we owe them.

“They are homegrown, and British players cost more. That is almost a Premier League tax these days. We are fortunate we have a few of them. I am sure there will also be interest in our younger ones.

“But that will be on our terms.

“If it is top clubs, like when Leicester came in for James Maddison, you have to respect they can pay him and us a lot of money, and the player has his own personal ambitions. But will we sell someone on the cheap just because they say they want to go? No chance.

“If you sign a contract a year ago it doesn’t mean you can swan off into the sunset.

“They are good guys. They care and the majority of their agents get it. Will there be interest? Of course, but on our terms. Has there been interest? No.

“The staff here know I am fair and it won’t be deluded figures we ask for, but we also need good characters to get us back up.

“We got just over £20m for James Maddison, after one season in the Championship, and we needed the money.

“So what I would be saying to people is please have a look at that before you pick up the phone to us. That has set the benchmark for our club.”

The Daily Mail report also claims Manchester United, Tottenham and German giants Bayern Munich have carried out scouting checks on Cantwell this season.

The transfer window opens officially on July 27 and could potentially run to October 16 for domestic transfers.

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