Carrow Road bosses ready for grilling

PUBLISHED: 09:56 18 October 2007 | UPDATED: 10:38 14 September 2010

Norwich City Football Club's board are set for a tough time tonight when they are grilled by fans' over the current state of the managerless club at what is sure to be a stormy Annual General Meeting.

Norwich City Football Club's board are set for a tough time tonight when they are grilled by fans' over the current state of the managerless club at what is sure to be a stormy Annual General Meeting.

Following the departure of Peter Grant last week following their sixth straight game without a goal, and still no manager on the horizon, there may be some serious questions asked about how the board are handling the crisis.

Today, fans spoke of their hope that there will be some difficult questions asked and some responsibility taken by those at the top.

Kathy Blake, Secretary for Norwich City Independent Supporters Association (NCISA), believes that those attending the AGM will be in for a turbulent time.

She said: “Its definitely going to be a stormy night! I would like the board to look back at some of the things they have said in the past, especially the Five Year Plan, and try to use these to get the club back on track.

“They also need to acknowledge the mistakes they have made in the past; they haven't taken responsibility for any of the problems the club is facing at the moment. What I don't want to see is one of the PR videos they tend to wheel out at these kinds of events.

“They might pull a rabbit out of the hat and announce a new manager tonight, which would solve many of the problems, but I don't think it is very likely somehow!”

Speculation still surrounds who will be appointed as the new manager. According to Ladbrokes, ex Wigan manager Paul Jewell is favourite with 10/11 odds, with Welshmen Chris Coleman and Gary Speed in second and third, with 6-1 and 14-1 odds respectively.

City are not letting on who is in line to replace Grant, and the vacancies' section of the club's official website still advertises that 'there are no current vacancies'.

Alex Warren, from the Waveney Yellows Supporters Club, believes that the board need to concentrate on where they will find more funds. He said: “I would like to ask them whether they have taken the club as far as they can?

“I think they have with the funds that they have - with all the money sloshing around in football these days it is pretty difficult to be successful without it and that's our problem. I don't think they are going to be able to turn around our fortunes without finding cash from somewhere”.

John Tilson, Chairman of the NCISA, said: “Every year there is anticipation that the board is going to get a hard time, but this anticipation is never met.

“What we need is the big picture of where the club is heading at the moment, what is the plan to sort out all the problems.

“Nothing is going to change without changes at the very top. The board needs reinvigorating - everyone gets stale eventually when they've been in a job for a long time.”

Tonight's AGM at Carrow Road, which starts at 7pm, comes just a week after Grant left by “mutual consent” following a dismal 1-0 defeat at QPR and just two weeks after the Evening News conducted a damning fans survey.

Of the 251 fans surveyed, 61 per cent said they were dissatisfied with the current direction of the club and 37pc went further to describe themselves as “angry” at the current state of affairs. It also found that 98pc of fans said that the club was going in the wrong direction.

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