Chris Goreham: Need a drama series to recommend? How about ‘The Championship’...?

Marco Stiepermann rues a missed chance at the DW Stadium

Marco Stiepermann rues a missed chance at the DW Stadium

Paul Chesterton

Next time someone asks you to recommend a drama series box set to binge watch just tell them to check out The Championship.

Fans showing their true colours at the DW StadiumFans showing their true colours at the DW Stadium

Take the latest thrilling instalment at the weekend as Norwich City, Leeds United and Sheffield United continued their battle for automatic promotion as the perfect example of something that could have viewers on the edge of their seats one moment and watching from behind the sofa the next.

First Ben Marshall, who is on loan to Millwall from Norwich City, missed a penalty against Sheffield United moments before providing the cross from which The Lions would grab a stoppage time equaliser to limit the Blades to just a point.

The next day Leon Clarke, who is on loan to Wigan from Sheffield United, thought he'd scored a stoppage time winner against Norwich City only to see it ruled out for offside.

There was even time for an intriguing subplot between those two games as Sheffield United's big rivals Sheffield Wednesday made Leeds United work hard for a 1-0 win. The writers of Game of Thrones would struggle to come up with something that featured so many twists in such a short space of time.

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This time of year is not healthy for supporters who suffer from a nervous disposition.

Norwich City's seven-point cushion ahead of third place with only 12 more points to play for is the sort of opportunity that even the most optimistic Canaries supporter could not possibly have expected to be in.

In basic terms two more wins or one more win and a Sheffield United defeat would seal the deal but the final few furlongs are always the most difficult.

The finish line has been in sight for some time now and yet it remains agonisingly out of reach.

It's a feeling that brings back memories of learning to swim when your parents gradually step back slowly while you're panting and splashing towards them in an attempt to fool you into swimming further than expected.

There is not long to wait until the drama resumes after the last cliff hanger ending and the Championship's creative experts have been at it again. This time Sheffield United must play first on Good Friday against a Nottingham Forest team managed by former Norwich City player and boss Martin O'Neill.

After that Sheffield United's big rivals Sheffield Wednesday, who are also managed by an ex-Canary in the shape of Steve Bruce, come to Carrow Road to play Norwich City with the small matter of Leeds United taking on Wigan in between times.

It's impossible to predict with any great confidence how this is all going to end or what staggering twists they have got planned for the final fortnight of the season but I am sure that not much in life has the capacity to thrill, entertain and excite like football and the Championship in particular.

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The fact that Ipswich Town's final two matches in the second-tier, for a year at least, are against Sheffield United and Leeds United is quite a prospect.

If this promotion race does go down to the wire the Canaries could be left hoping for a favour from their former favourite Paul Lambert although the league table suggests they would probably be better to take care of business themselves rather than have to lean on some help from outside the yellow and green bubble.

You can probably tell by now that I am finding it difficult to think about anything other than the race for the Premier League at the moment and all sorts of potential endings have been flashing through my mind whenever I look at the league table and the remaining fixtures.

That's what the best dramas do to you though.

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