Christoph Zimmermann knows he must improve to succeed at Norwich City

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke has been discussing his signing of Christoph Zimmermann on a free transfer. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke has been discussing his signing of Christoph Zimmermann on a free transfer. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY


New signing Christoph Zimmermann knows he must prove his ability in English football’s second tier if he is to continue to flourish under Daniel Farke at Norwich City.

The towering 24-year-old defender was an integral part of Farke’s success with Borussia Dortmund II in the fourth tier of German football, captaining a team with an excellent defensive record.

However, City’s new head coach has made the centre-back no guarantees of a starting place, as he looks to make the step up.

“Christoph knows he’s not in the pole position when he comes here, and he knows there are things he needs to improve such as opening up the game,” Farke said.

“But he’s a good fit for the squad, and he’s still young and is a brilliant character and has the skills to learn quickly.”

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Zimmermann has signed on a free to follow Farke and his assistant Eddie Riemer across to England.

“He fits English football because of his powerful way and his great strength with headers,” Farke continued. “He’s always wanted to play in England, and it’s great to be able fulfil his dream to play here.

“We’re very happy he’s chosen to come to Norwich.”

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Dortmund’s under-23 team conceded just 25 goals in 34 games in Regionalliga West, in the fourth tier of German football, last season to finish in second place.

It was Farke’s first full season in charge having succeeded David Wagner after his switch to Huddersfield in November 2015 – who has since led the Terriers into the Premier League.

Zimmermann’s influence on that Dortmund side persuaded the 40-year-old to bring the former Borussia Monchengladbach trainee along for the ride.

“He’s a very great guy,” Farke added, speaking to City’s official website. “He’s very big, tall, strong and powerful and he’s an intelligent boy.

“When I give him tactical instruction he always gets used to it quickly and acts in the right way. He’s an intelligent guy, has strong leadership skills and is a perfect guy for the group.

“At Dortmund he was able to get the group together and build a team spirit. I know we’ve got a really brilliant character with him, and a real weapon because of his strength and his powerful way of playing.”

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