City ace using lockdown to improve mentally and physically ahead of restart

Todd Cantwell is working hard to be ready for the Premier League restart in June Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Todd Cantwell is working hard to be ready for the Premier League restart in June Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Todd Cantwell has used football’s unexpected hiatus to reflect on his breakthrough top-flight season and is determined to keep building his reputation as one of Norwich City’s top talents.

The Canaries will be expanding training to small groups this week, after the Premier League’s clubs agreed strict hygiene and social distancing rules to allow them to step up sessions ahead of the season potentially resuming next month.

Academy product Cantwell, 22, has already been working hard to remain in top shape for that return to more intense training though, explaining: “We’ve had individual programmes sent, to keep ourselves at a level we need to be when required to go back in, when it’s safe to do so, and it’s been pretty tough.

“There’s a lot up in the air at the moment about the timings and the safety, whether it’s going to be possible or not possible, as to what sort of level you try and keep yourself to. So it’s more than a tick over but obviously less than a game.

“You can’t really replicate a game, I don’t think, unless you play a game - which sounds silly but it’s a fact. It doesn’t matter how much training you do, if you’re not playing then you won’t feel the same.

“I’ve obviously done what’s required but I’ve also found time in the day to do extra stuff, with the upper body stuff and other bits and pieces. It’s definitely been an opportunity to have a sit down with yourself almost, about: How motivated am I? Where do I want to get to?

“I want to be doing more than other people are at the moment so in the sense I want to do more when I feel tired or when I can’t be bothered, so it’s a mentality I have to do that which will hopefully keep me growing.”

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Cantwell has also being doing some yoga to help maintain a previous back problem, as he explained to The Movement Coach on Instagram, run by his friend and former City academy coach Ryan Elton.

He added: “There’s little bits and pieces that not many people realise that footballers have to stay on top of because if you don’t then you won’t be able to perform at the physical load that you have to get into now.

“If you don’t cover 10km in a game you’re not doing enough, you won’t play because you’re not covering enough and you’re not getting forwards and back quick enough - it’s not optional.”

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