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PUBLISHED: 13:06 22 May 2006 | UPDATED: 09:26 14 September 2010


Nine out of 10 Norwich City fans have renewed their season tickets for the 2006-07 campaign - despite a disappointing year in the Coca-Cola Championship.

Nine out of 10 Norwich City fans have renewed their season tickets for the 2006-07 campaign - despite a disappointing year in the Coca-Cola Championship.

As the final deadline for renewals passed at the weekend, 17,989 supporters out of last season's total of 20,096 had claimed their seats for next season, even though Nigel Worthington's men finished ninth last term without troubling the promotion contenders.

That represents a 90 per cent uptake - and with a further 1,810 on the waiting list for seats, the Canaries are confident they will go close to matching last season's figure by the time kick-off arrives on August 5.

The figures have delighted the club's director of sales and marketing, Andrew Cullen, who said today: “It says a lot about the resilience of our supporters and their relationship with the club.

“I've been in contact with the other clubs who were relegated with us last season and are preparing for a second season in the Championship. Southampton currently have about 6,000 renewals and are expecting about 10,000. Crystal Palace have had about 11,500 and expect to get 13,000.

“We will actually start next season with more season ticket-holders than the start of our Premiership campaign two years ago.

“They are not fickle one-season wonders. They have stuck with us despite a disappointing season.

“I feel it is also a reflection of sensible pricing and the club's investment in the community.”

Cullen said that if all those on the waiting list took up their seats, about 300 season tickets would be available to new buyers in mid-June.

Current season ticket-holders wishing to move seats have from 9am this Wednesday, May 24, until May 31 - “Movers and Shakers' week” - to select new places.

Ticket office staff have already written to the first 950 people on the waiting list. Those 950 will then be able to claim their seats from June 1 to 7, with the rest on the list dealt with between June 8 and 14.

New applicants, who can join the waiting list now, will be able to buy season tickets from June 15.

Newcomers will pay higher prices, however, than those already renewing or on the waiting list.

Examples are £401 for an adult in the Barclay Stand or Norwich and Peterborough Stand, with £241 for concessions, £216 for under-16s and £82 for under-12s in the same areas.

In the family areas, under-16s and under-12s will pay £77.

Members who are not season ticket-holders have had the option of subscribing to the club's “Hat Trick Plan”, giving them priority for tickets for a set number of matches next season.

“About 4,500 have enlisted on the Hat Trick Plan so far,” said Cullen.

For more information, contact the Norwich City ticket office on 0870 444 1902.

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