Norwich City winger has suffered from ‘a little bit too much expectation’ at Millwall

Ben Marshall has returned to Millwall on loan from Norwich City 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Ben Marshall has returned to Millwall on loan from Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Millwall boss Neil Harris has called for fans to be patient with Norwich City loanee Ben Marshall, after a disappointing start to the winger’s second spell at the club.

Marshall spent the second half of last season with Lions, scoring three goals and creating another five in 16 games, but opted to join Norwich permanently from Wolves in a deal worth around £1.5million last summer.

After just six appearances for the Canaries the 27-year-old made it clear he wanted to return to Millwall on loan in January, but is yet to rediscover his form despite starting all seven of his appearances.

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After being forced to sit out Saturday’s 3-1 defeat to parent club Norwich, Marshall returns to the fold for Saturday’s match away to fellow relegation battlers Bolton.

“Marshy comes back into the squad for the weekend. By his own admission he’s searching for his best form,” Harris told News At Den, with his team looking to avoid a fourth successive defeat.

“What we have to remember with Marshy is that when he came in last year, and a lot was made of his form and how he was a big factor in us doing so well, but if you look back, he came in at the end of January and wasn’t in the team for three weeks. He had to wait and build his fitness.

“This time I took the decision to play him straightaway, he played three games last week to try to get his fitness up, knowing he wouldn’t be at 100 percent.

“There’s been a little bit made of Ben not being at his best at the moment, a little bit too much expectation from everybody that he was going to come back here and we were going to start winning games.

“We have to give players the opportunity to find their form and their rhythm. Having him back this weekend will be key for us.”

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