Premier League gets the all-clear in latest round of coronavirus testing

PUBLISHED: 11:37 31 May 2020 | UPDATED: 11:37 31 May 2020

Latest coronavirus test results from Premier League clubs were all clear Picture: PA

Latest coronavirus test results from Premier League clubs were all clear Picture: PA

PA Wire/PA Images

The Premier League has revealed there were no positive results from its latest round of Covid-19 testing, providing a timely confidence boost for the planned June 17 restart.

A total of 1,130 players and club personnel were tested in the fourth screening session, which took place on Thursday and Friday, and yielded the first all-clear.

The news is likely to offer some measure of relief and reassurance over the league’s scheduled resumption next month and comes at an apt moment after the government made a point of telling the public “football is back” as part of a wider announcement on the return of elite sport.

A statement read: “The Premier League can today confirm that on Thursday 28 May and Friday 29 May, 1,130 players and club staff were tested for Covid-19. Of these, zero have tested positive.”

The current testing round was the largest yet, with each club’s maximum allocation upped from 50 to 60, and also the first to take place since the unanimous vote to begin contact training. The previous three rounds, completed between May 17 and May 26, yielded a total of 12 positives from a sample size in excess of 2,700.

There were six positive cases from three clubs in round one, two from two clubs in round two and four from two clubs in round three.

Bournemouth goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale, who had revealed he was one of the previous positive results, said on Saturday night on Twitter he was “out of isolation after my Covid-19 test came back negative”.

Testing will continue on a twice-weekly basis. The first fixtures are set to take place on June 17, with Norwich City expected to play on the weekend of June 19-21, with 92 league fixtures in total remaining for the rest of the season.

The EFL followed up with results of its own, reporting 10 positive tests from eight clubs in the Championship and seven positives from three clubs in League Two.

There is no programme of testing for League One at present. A total of 1,058 players were tested in the Championship, with just four clubs and 135 individuals participating in the fourth tier.

All of those who tested positive will begin self isolation in line with the health guidelines.

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