Sinani signs for Norwich City - reports

PUBLISHED: 12:14 02 April 2020

Danel Sinani has agreed to join Norwich City in  the summer Picture: Liam McBurney/PA Images

Danel Sinani has agreed to join Norwich City in the summer Picture: Liam McBurney/PA Images

PA Wire/PA Images

Danel Sinani has claimed the deal to bring him to Norwich City this summer is complete, with reports in Luxembourg claiming the attacker has signed a ‘long-term contract’ with the Canaries.

The Luxembourg international was linked with the Canaries during the January transfer window after impressing for F91 Dudelange in his native country.

Sinani has netted 14 goals in 16 league games this season and that form has caught the eye of the Canaries, who look to recruit in unconventional areas for fresh talent.

Stuart Webber admitted Sinani was a player of interest during an exclusive interview with the PinkUn in February, claiming: “For sure he’s a player of interest to us whose contract is up this coming summer. We were never going to bring him in January,” said Webber. “That was never on our agenda.

“He’s one we’re interested in for the medium term, he’s a good player, albeit playing at a very difficult level to really assess but again he fits the type of player that we look for.”

“If we could do something we would be really happy.”

Reports in Luxembourg claim Sinani has signed a three-year deal with the Canaries and will join up with Daniel Farke’s squad after his current contract expires this summer.

Asked whether the coronavirus pandemic would have an effect on his move to Norfolk, the Luxembourg international told “It is fixed.”

Sinani, like other professional footballers currently, is undergoing fitness work at home as the epidemic continues to play havoc with the sporting calendar.

The attacker hinted he was open to a move to City last month, claiming he ‘wasn’t scared’ of the Championship, if Farke’s men end up getting relegated.

Last month, in an interview Sinani claimed he hadn’t put pen to paper with City, but the latest reports suggest the deal has been completed.

“I’m not scared of that second division. Have you seen the games they play there? It remains very strong. It’s a competition that’s better than some top division elsewhere in Europe.

“What’s certain is that I won’t be playing in Luxembourg for 2020-21. As I said, things are very advanced with Norwich. They absolutely want me, but we have to see how things can or will be finalised. I haven’t been to visit the infrastructures, but that’s planned. The two parties just need to find the time.”

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