Daniel Farke looking forward to working with ‘smart and technical’ midfielder Mario Vrancic at Norwich City

PUBLISHED: 18:17 08 June 2017 | UPDATED: 18:27 08 June 2017

Mario Vrancic signs for Norwich City FC.

Mario Vrancic signs for Norwich City FC.

JASON DAWSON ©Jason Dawson

Head coach Daniel Farke is confident new signing Mario Vrancic has the ability to impress in the Championship with Norwich City.

Darmstadt's Mario Vrancic is set to sign a three-year deal with Norwich City. Picture: Armin Weigel/DPADarmstadt's Mario Vrancic is set to sign a three-year deal with Norwich City. Picture: Armin Weigel/DPA

The Bosnia & Herzegovina international has signed a three-year deal with the Canaries following the completion of a move from German side Darmstadt, reportedly worth around £650,000.

“I’ve followed Mario’s path for several years,” City’s new German boss said.

“He played in Paderborn, the city where I come from. I’m really glad to work with him as he’s a very good character.

“He’s a really nice and kind guy too. I want players who give all their passion and emotions for our team and who always want to learn.

“I want players who really want to be at Norwich and want to do the things we’re going to do. Mario is perfect for that and is a very good fit for us.”

The 28-year-old was responsible for free-kicks at Darmstadt and scored four goals in 23 Bundesliga games last season but wasn’t able to stop his former club from being relegated.

“Mario is an intelligent player and technically is very good,” Farke added, speaking to City’s official website.

“He has a brilliant left foot and is very good with set-pieces. He’s able to assist and able to score.

“He will bring a lot of creativity and special moments to the team. I’m really looking forward to working with such a smart and technical player.”

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