David Meyler warns Norwich City that Hull have found their feet after Premier League relegation

PUBLISHED: 13:02 12 October 2017 | UPDATED: 14:42 12 October 2017

David Meyler, centre, in action for Hull against Ipswich Town. Picture: Pagepix

David Meyler, centre, in action for Hull against Ipswich Town. Picture: Pagepix

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Hull midfielder David Meyler has warned Norwich City that the Championship penny has dropped at Hull City ahead of Saturday’s Carrow Road clash.

Fresh from playing alongside Canaries star Wes Hoolahan as the Republic of Ireland secured a World Cup qualification play-off spot during the international break, Meyler now has his sights set on club action again.

The Tigers’ longest serving current player scored a penalty in a 6-1 home thrashing of Birmingham ahead of the break, which brought an end to a run of five games without a win for Leonid Slutsky’s side.

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“A few people have looked at themselves in the last few weeks,” said Meyler. “I’ve done it. I’ve asked myself if I’m doing enough. Against Birmingham we hit the standards that we want to be hitting and need to be hitting.

It’s not the manager. He can only pick an XI and then it’s up to the players to produce.

“You saw the fifth goal (against Birmingham) – that’s probably one of the best goals you’ll see in the Championship.

“If it was in the Premier League, it’d be goal of the month or goal of the year. That’s the players and the talent we have but it needs to be every week.”

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Hull are 17th in the Championship table, 11 games since their relegation from the Premier League. Meyler feels former Russia boss Slutsky has a great deal of talent at his disposal though.

“We’ve been there, we’ve done it,” he added, speaking to the Hull Daily Mail. “Gregsy (Allan McGregor) has a promotion, Daws (Michael Dawson) has a promotion, I have two. Fraizer (Campbell) has a promotion, Seb (Larsson) has 90 caps for Sweden and has played 280 games in the Premier League.

“We’ve got players who have played high-end football for a long time but we need to show the young fellas the way. If this is the level you’re at, we need to get them to hit their maximum peak.

“When I was first breaking into the team at Sunderland I had a few people to tell me what’s right and wrong. They’d give you an effing and blinding when you needed it and a pat on the back when you deserved it. If I have to do it then I have to do it.”

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