Dion: Canaries are on the up

PUBLISHED: 14:13 04 November 2006 | UPDATED: 09:47 14 September 2010


Norwich City striker Dion Dublin today insisted the team is not "far away" from becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Norwich City striker Dion Dublin today insisted the team is not "far away" from becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The veteran front man admits the Canaries have let themselves down in recent games, with the hammering at Stoke City and the draw with Colchester United, but says with a bit more luck in front of goal at both ends of the pitch, things could be a whole lot different.

Indeed, Dublin himself has missed presentable chances in each of the last three matches to open his account for City.

But the former Coventry, Aston Villa and Celtic man says the Canaries are ready to turn things around.

"We're not far away," the 37-year-old said. "I think you all have seen it, we've let ourselves down for a couple of games and we all know that. But it's not far away.

"We have to score more goals. I have to take my chances when they come along, along with all the other forwards as well and whoever gets in a position to score, we have to start taking our chances. But we're missing too many chances and we're conceding too many goals as a team."

And although Dublin would love to open his City account as soon as possible, he's more than prepared to step into his central defender's boots to help stop goals at the other end amid the Canaries' current central defensive crisis.

Gary Doherty and Craig Fleming could both be out for some time and Dublin, who was used more often than not as a centre back by old club Leicester, could be pressed in a defensive role once more.

"It is needs be really at this present time," he said. "You know we've had a couple of slip ups last couple of games and things have not gone too well injury wise.

"We've got Darren (Huckerby) back, which is great, and got Robbie (Earnshaw) back, but got another couple of injuries and they just happen to be in the back four so, needs be if I need to do that, if the manager asks me to do that, then I'll go and do it,"Dublin said.

"It's something you have to get on with, you know, and something you have to fill in for the time being the boys are injured, if I have to do so.

"To be honest I'd rather play up front, but if it means just filling in then it's not a problem."

After playing the full 90 minutes against Stoke, Dublin maintains he is fit enough to consistently perform anywhere on the pitch.

"I don't know why everybody's surprised, you know, I might be 37, but I'm as fit as anybody else in this club. I feel good after playing 90 minutes and if I'm asked to do it again on Tuesday, a Saturday and a Tuesday, I'll do it.

"It felt good, you know, to get 90 minutes under my belt and come out sort of unscathed in regards fitness and injury wise. Like I say came in on Tuesday night and enjoyed it and done okay."

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