Former Canaries favourite becomes manager at Suffolk non-league side Leiston

PUBLISHED: 16:09 18 March 2020 | UPDATED: 16:37 18 March 2020

Norwich City legend Darren Eadie has become joint manager of Suffolk side.
Picture: IAN BURT

Norwich City legend Darren Eadie has become joint manager of Suffolk side. Picture: IAN BURT


Former Norwich City favourite Darren Eadie has taken the reins at a Suffolk non-league outfit.

Eadie, and former Sheringham boss, Chris Wigger, have taken over the mantle at Victory Road, despite the current coronavirus outbreak curtailling football for the time being.

Eadie was a flying winger in his Canaries days, playing more than 200 times for the Carrow Road club, before joining Leicester City.

It’s a bold move by Southern League Leiston, who last week announced Glen Driver and Tony Kinsella would be leaving the club at the end of the season. However, Eadie and Wigger have taken over immediately.

Wigger played for Wroxham and Cromer (later as player/manager) before taking up his role as manager of Sheringham Town where he has enjoyed a successful time.

Eadie with Chris Wigger during their time at Sheringham. Picture: Robert WalkleyEadie with Chris Wigger during their time at Sheringham. Picture: Robert Walkley

Leiston chairman Andy Crisp said: “It’s with excitement we welcome both Darren and Chris as joint managers of our first team here at Leiston FC.

“While Darren will need no introduction, he is joined by Chris Wigger who has a wealth of experience at non league level. Chris is ambitious and is relishing a new challenge. Darren and Chris have enjoyed much success at Sheringham with two promotions gained in the last three seasons.

“Darren has been assisting Dave Williams (head of Leiston’s youth development) by way of recruiting young players for our Youth Develop Scheme so already has a good understanding of our club and what want to do moving forward.

“In such unprecedented times its difficult to forecast what’s happening with the remainder of the current season but clearly health and people’s welfare is far more important than any football decisions.

Eadie during his time at City. Picture: ArchantEadie during his time at City. Picture: Archant

“However, the appointments of both Darren and Chris focuses on the vision our Football Club as we look beyond the current crisis and shows our intentions to prepare for the new season ahead and beyond.

“I would like to personally thank both Glen (Driver) and Tony (Kinsella) for their time and efforts over the last four months, hopefully all their good work will mean we play Step 3 football again next season.”

Sheringham have announced the arrival of former Norwich City player Matt Halliday as Wigger and Eadie’s replacement.

In a statement, the Norfolk based club said: “The club have acted swiftly to appoint Matt Halliday as First Team manager. We are very excited about Matt taking over, and he will be assisted by Adam Warricker.

“Matt has been with us as a player for 3 seasons has a wealth of playing experience with Norwich City, Hereford United (Loan), Torquay United (Loan), Wroxham and Lowestoft Town. He is also a coach at Wroxham Academy.”

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