East Anglian derby switched to BBC

PUBLISHED: 14:27 29 June 2010 | UPDATED: 17:23 10 September 2010

Norwich City's Championship home game against Ipswich Town has been moved again.

The game, on Sunday, November 28, will now be screened by BBC instead of Sky.

Norwich City's Championship derby against Ipswich at Carrow Road has been moved a third time and will now be broadcast live by the BBC on Sunday, November 28 (KO 1.15pm).

The original fixture scheduled for the previous date was put back on police advice with Sky provisionally broadcasting the eagerly-anticipated derby at 11.30am.

However, a Football League spokesman confirmed yesterday the game will now be featured by rival broadcaster BBC a couple of hours later on the same November 28 date.

He said: “There was initially some interest from Sky Sports in showing this match but in this particular instance the BBC get precedence.”

Sky will televise Norwich's Championship opener at home to Watford on Friday, August 6 (7.45pm) as part of their first month of confirmed live games from the Football League. City are in line to pocket a £200,000 cash bonus from their two televised appearances, with home teams collecting £100,000 per live Championship match, compared to just £10,000 going to away teams. In League One and Two, the figures are £20,000 for the home club and £10,000 for the visitors.

There have so far been four amendments to the club's original 2010/11 fixture list with the return derby fixture at Ipswich moved from Easter Saturday to Good Friday, April 22 (1.15pm). The trip to Crystal Palace on Boxing Day will now involve an earlier start for City fans after the kick-off time was brought forward to 1pm.

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