Eat, Sleep, Drink Norwich City: A new era has begun – be nice to have some new music too

PUBLISHED: 07:00 05 August 2017

Norwich fans - isn't it time to sing it loud and sing it proud? 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich fans - isn't it time to sing it loud and sing it proud? Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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I’m excited for the new season, it’s been very encouraging to see Stuart Webber and the board interact and be so open with the supporters.

I was disappointed to see Jonny Howson and Graham Dorrans leave, although I’m really liking the look of Mario Vrancic so far in pre-season, and £650,000 looks like a steal in the current transfer climate.

Having seen glimpses of Harrison Reed at Southampton, if he gets a run in the team, then I think Alex Tettey’s days as an automatic starter may be over.

I sit at the top of the South Stand where the atmosphere is lacklustre to say the least.

The first five minutes of each half is interrupted and spoilt by corporate guests who take an age trying to locate their seats; could they not be encouraged to take their seats before kick-off like everybody else in the ground?

For the forthcoming campaign, please can the PA system in the South Stand be improved? It is near-on impossible to hear any of the team news or build-up prior to the game. Plus, surely this needs to be addressed from a safety point of view.

To improve the atmosphere, let’s make use of the impressive big screen we’ve got.

Highlights of previous meetings between the teams or iconic moments from City’s past with the original commentary would surely create more of a buzz pre-game.

This brings me on to the choice of music on a match day which has, quite frankly, been awful in recent times.

Who on earth decided on that Rihanna abomination for the players to walk out to last season?

I’d personally like to hear a piece of music with a recognisable guitar riff as the players come out of the tunnel to create some excitement.

Guns N Roses ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ would be my choice. Also, let’s bring back some goal music and improve the half-time entertainment to make a Carrow Road match day more of an experience. I really feel like a new era is underway, so let’s make some noise and get behind the team.

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