Eat, Sleep, Drink Norwich City: Hope springs eternal – but that’s what makes it fun

PUBLISHED: 07:00 05 August 2017

Have Newcastle United bought the right Murphy in Jacob? Only time will tell. Picture: Focus Images

Have Newcastle United bought the right Murphy in Jacob? Only time will tell. Picture: Focus Images

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It’s the unknown that gets you; that excites, that brings back that yearning for all things yellow and green.

Even despite one of your star players being sold, even without the marquee signings of past close seasons, even when considering starting at Fulham away.

At times last season football became a slog, became a chore of suffering briefly reignited by Alan Irvine’s tactical changes and a 7-1 romp against Reading. But even then it was a case of what might have been; why could such players perform one week then lose unceremoniously to a Huddersfield, or a Rotherham, or indeed a Fulham?

But with the new regime, with the investment early in new players, comes a renewed sense of optimism. Not in many years could I write this in mid-July with the prospect of seven new players already in pre-season training, with the expectation of more to come.

We asked for, and needed a clear out – and bar Jacob Murphy, who from my perspective is the one outgoing I’m disappointed to lose – we’ve got that. We’ve got fresher, younger recruits eager to prove their worth and value at this level.

You can draw parallels now to a Paul Lambert squad, even to a renewed optimism felt in the early days of Bruce Rioch or Mike Walker. The fans have got what they wanted – change. Will the change work?

The beauty of this game is none of us know. We want, we hope, we can expect but it’s the unknown and the potential that makes you keep coming back for more.

So a few predictions …

1) We’ll flatter briefly, setting the expectation levels sky high

2) We’ll deceive, almost certainly as the nights draw in and the floodlights glow bright

3) We’ll laugh at how many times Daniel Farke refers to “the guys”

4) We’ll question Daniel Farke’s philosophy, probably when Russell or Timm give away a soft goal in front of the River End.

5) We’ll lose at Preston and cheer Alex Neil anyway.

6) We’ll glow come the end of season and make a concerted play off run; and

7) Rafeal Benitez will realise he’s bought the wrong twin.

But the beauty is, none of us really know. We just expect, hope, will and dream. Football is nearly back.

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