Farke proved the City critics wrong

Daniel Farke had to endure some tough times at Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke had to endure some tough times at Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke never felt he was close to the sack before engineering Norwich City’s Premier League rise.

The head coach hauled the Canaries out of the Championship at his second attempt, after a mid-table finish 12 months ago and a sluggish start to the new campaign prompted some to question his methods.

Farke plotted a remarkable title win despite being forced to offload his best talent, due to the financial constraints at Carrow Road.

"I knew it would be an unbelievable challenge," he said. "We were always convinced we were heading in the right direction. There was not one moment I doubted, or Delia or Michael or Stuart (Webber) that we were heading in the right direction. It is always difficult because you have high expectations, yet we had to be honest with supporters and say we had to sell our best players.

"We have played in Europe before as a club and had good spells in the Premier so even though we had to sell players you are still striving to win the league.

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"It works in both directions. The head coach also needs to show some patience. It would be easy for me to cry about wanting more money for players. Even the first season when we had to find a balance we did. A solid mid-season finish, never in any relegation danger, closer to the play-offs than the bottom. In this transition moment you have on one hand history and the expectancy of a club, and then there is the reality."

Webber's key role has drawn inevitable comparisons with his successful stint at Hudderfield, who went up and survived for two seasons. Farke insists such parallels are wide of the mark.

"Stuart was responsible for many topics in their promotion but you can't compare the two clubs," said Farke. "They both did a fantastic job. David Wagner did a fantastic job but they had an underdog role. They were happy to play in the Championship and then over-achieved. It was a dream come true to reach the Premier League. We are a big club with a big history of playing in Europe and in the Premier League.

"Then we had financial pressure to sell our best players and work with younger players, but because of our history it is more like we should still be competing. The pressure on this football club is even bigger."

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