Football’s back – and so is the brilliant Pink Un magazine!

The Pink Un magazine is back!

The Pink Un magazine is back!


We’re back – the Pink Un magazine will be on the shelves this weekend, better than ever before.

It’s a new regime in charge at Norwich City and Daniel Farke, Stuart Webber and the Championship season ahead clearly dominates – but there’s much more.

Paddy Davitt, our chief Norwich City writer, takes a look at what’s happened at Carrow Road over the summer and, more importantly, the challenges ahead for City.

And there’s Chris Lakey’s look at City’s Championship rivals too – a little tongue in cheek at times, but with some of the clubs involved it’s hard not to be isn’t it?

Stuart Hodge speaks to a man who knows all about Farke and gives us a few hints about what we might expect this season, while, with the influx of continental players, Steve Downes takes a look at some of the star imports over the years – and some whose faces just didn’t quite fit in at Carrow Road.

Steve’s also been casting his quill over some of the game’s characters – again, the good, the bad and the indifferent.

But while we can have a laugh at our national game, there are some hugely important issues it still needs to address – we have an interview with ex-Canary player and current coach Adrian Forbes over his career prospects – and the lack of black managers in our leagues.

And we have a brilliant piece by campaigner Di Cunningham, who looks at the relationship between football and the LGBT community.

There’s a trip down memory lane from a columnist from the past, an interview with former Canary Steve Morison – and there’s a return for our resident agony columnist, Aunt Stephanie and the popular Secret Sunday Footballer.

Mark Armstrong looks at non-league Lowestoft Town while David Freezer sits down with Stephen Cleeve, the ambitious owner of King’s Lynn Town FC.

The Pink Un magazine is available for £3.99 at all the usual outlets, but you can also get a discount by pre-ordering it at This offer is available until the release on Saturday. If you miss out on pre-order, you can get £1 off vouchers when you buy the EDP or Evening News on Saturday or the following Monday and Tuesday.

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