Norwich City players ... but not as you know them!

Ready for a night on the town!

Ready for a night on the town!


It’s that time of the year, when everyone gets on their glad rags for the staff Christmas party... including Norwich City players.

These two likely lads are virtually unrecognisable as they head out dressed as Lily Savage and Braveheart.

To save you guessing, the one on the right is Neil Emblen... and the one of the left is none other than goal-scoring legend and Pink Un columnist Iwan Roberts!

“I think I looked more like Robbie in all honesty,Recalled the Big Man in his latest column. “Long gold dress, big boa around my neck, somehow I found some size 9 high heels I squeezed my feet into which made me look about 7ft, the blondest, well more yellow, wig and of course a pair of stockings that barely came over my knees, I looked a proper state!”

If you want to read more of Iwan’s Christmas party thoughts, his column is in the EDP and Norwich Evening News on Fridays or on the new Pink Un app at

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