Winger seals National League move following end of Canaries contract

Josh Coley in action for Norwich City U23s against Leicester at Colney Picture: Norwich City FC

Josh Coley in action for Norwich City U23s against Leicester at Colney Picture: Norwich City FC

Norwich City

Josh Coley has sealed a National League deal following the end of his time with Norwich City earlier this year.

The winger joined the Canaries in 2018 after impressing in non-league with Hitchin Town and Baldock Town but his contract was cancelled by mutual consent in February.

That followed a loan stint in the Scottish Championship with Dumfermline Athletic during the first half of the season, making 11 appearances in all competitions.

Now he has a fresh start in Berkshire, with Maidenhead scraping to survival in the top tier of non-league after the final table was settled using the points-per-game method, surviving by just 0.002 of a point ahead of Ebbsfleet.

Maidenhead chief scout, Lee Devonshire, told his club’s website: “Josh is a young lad who did very well at Baldock Town thus earning a big move to Norwich back in 2018.

“He is a winger who has played plenty of times in the 23s but as many young lads find, breaking into a Premier league XI is very difficult. He had a loan move to Dunfermline in Scotland only last season.

“He is a young man who is hungry to kick on and Norwich spoke very highly of him when we spoke to them which is important to us, so we look forward to working with him this season.”

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