Former Norwich City scouting chief Lee Darnbrough set to become Hull City’s director of football

PUBLISHED: 13:06 20 June 2017 | UPDATED: 13:10 20 June 2017

Lee Darnbrough is poised to become director of football at Hull City. Picture: PA

Lee Darnbrough is poised to become director of football at Hull City. Picture: PA

PA Wire

Hull City have made former Norwich City head of scouting Lee Darnbrough their number one target for a new director of football role.

Darnbrough left City in April as sporting director Stuart Webber began his changes behind the scenes, with his exit announced at the same time as that of technical director Ricky Martin and head of football recruitment Tony Spearing.

He was appointed head of scouting in July 2015, following the exit of head of recruitment and scouting Barry Simmonds four months earlier.

City said at the time he would head up scouting and match analysis, having recently finished a similar role with Burnley. Prior to joining the Clarets in 2012, Darnbrough worked as a technical scout at West Bromwich Albion.

The former Oldham Athletic goalkeeper had also worked previously in player analysis for Bolton Wanderers and Aston Villa.

Hull have appointed former Russia boss Leonid Slutsky as head coach following relegation to the Championship, which saw Marco Silva leave for Watford.

The Hull Daily Mail are now reporting that Darnbrough is the man vice-chairman Ehab Allam intends to make director of football in a revamped management structure at the KCOM Stadium.

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