Fulham curse is not the biggest worry for Norwich City chief Daniel Farke

PUBLISHED: 06:00 04 August 2017 | UPDATED: 15:43 04 August 2017

Daniel Farke has plenty of injury worries ahead of Norwich City's opener. Picture: Lorraine O'Sullivan/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke has plenty of injury worries ahead of Norwich City's opener. Picture: Lorraine O'Sullivan/Focus Images Ltd

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Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke has brushed off the burden of history as he tries to lift the Craven Cottage curse, ahead of his Championship bow at Fulham.

The Canaries last won by the Thames back in 1986 and City’s first overseas managerial appointment knows all about that negative equity, as he strives to get his reign off to a winning start.

“I was born, yes, but I wasn’t there for the past 30 years,” he said. “The same with my players and for some years we would not have played them. It shows it is always hard to play at Fulham and to get some points. I know this. But each game is a chance to change the record.

“For sure it will be a hard first game. We know the record doesn’t look very nice. For me, Fulham is one of the top favourites in the league this year. They got to the play-offs, they were the top team in possession, they have some very good midfielders and they have kept a lot of the same players. It is quite a similar philosophy and strategy to us, to dominate the ball. It will be a hard test with the injuries. I am not naïve. I know we are not the favourite in this game, away from home.”

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Farke delivered a gloomy injury bulletin on Thursday with Russell Martin the latest casualty facing a battle to feature against the Whites. Wes Hoolahan, Ivo Pinto and Josh Murphy are unlikely to make the starting XI while Timm Klose and Alex Pritchard are out injured for the opening weeks.

“A lot of problems for us but we have to handle it. We will find 11 players with a yellow shirt to fight for points,” said Farke. “Russ got a hit on his leg (on Wednesday) so we took no risks and he didn’t train on Thursday.

“He will be another late decision. Thankfully Ivo was able to train this week. To be honest, he missed nearly the whole of pre-season and had just 45 minutes on the pitch. Normally it would be too early to take him with us to Fulham. It will be a late decision whether he is an option for some minutes on the bench. It is much too early for him to be in the starting line up.

“Wes is a little bit further on. He is in a little bit better condition than Ivo. He is not at 100pc, to play 90 minutes, but he will be in the squad and he is an option from the bench. Josh had his first day back with us (on Thursday). There will be another test on Friday and if he lasts the whole session then it could be possible he is involved, probably from the bench as he has not really trained for the last eight days.”

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