Darren Eadie’s joining our live Norwich City debate - and so can you

PUBLISHED: 12:02 14 May 2020 | UPDATED: 12:30 14 May 2020

Darren Eadie will be joining our debate today - and so can you  Picture Richard Kelly

Darren Eadie will be joining our debate today - and so can you Picture Richard Kelly


Canaries legend Darren Eadie will be joining us on Friday as we pose the question: what does the future hold for Norwich City?

That’s the topic which will kick off a new series of online events, in which you can take part. The one-hour discussion will begin at 11am on Friday, as the Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News invite readers to take part in debates which are continuations of the Open House events which began with a ThinkIn on homelessness in February.

The first of these talks will see fans and experts discuss what the future holds amid football’s suspension due to the coronavirus, which is now into its ninth week. City’s senior staff have already revealed they are planning for a loss in expected income of between £18million and £35m because of the suspension.

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While social distancing measures and the current coronavirus lockdown make it impossible for people to gather in person, these events will be held online through a Google Meet video conference.

To join the discussion email steve.anglesey@archant.co.uk.

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