Grant: Palace have a lot of quality

PUBLISHED: 08:00 15 September 2007 | UPDATED: 10:33 14 September 2010


Peter Grant says he has been impressed by Crystal Palace this season - despite having seen them lose their last two games.

Peter Grant says he has been impressed by Crystal Palace this season - despite having seen them lose their last two games.

The Canaries manager was at Portman Road to see the Eagles lose 1-0 to Ipswich and then witnessed a 1-0 home defeat by Charlton.

However, Grant believe they are a side with quality and experience, with the likes of Mark Kennedy and Clinton Morrison now joined by pugnacious striker Paul Dickov, on loan from Manchester City.

“I went to see them against Ipswich two weeks ago,” he said. “I look at their side and they have a lot of experience and quality. Carl Fletcher, who I was with at West Ham and Bournemouth, is a terrific player. Mark Kennedy's a very good player and they have taken Dickov, they have Morrison and Scowcroft, I can name right through their team players that have been about with good experience in the Championship, who know the division, not just with Crystal Palace but with other sides.

“So they have good quality. I watched them against Charlton - they did very well in that game and were unfortunate to lose the game. We know we will have to play well, that is the most important thing.”

However, Grant is keen that his own players remember what they are good at as they seek to banish the blues of their last home outing - a 2-1 defeat by Cardiff City a fortnight ago.

“That is the thing we have to get back to - remembering what we're good at,” he said. “Yes, we show that respect to the opposition, which I think you always have to. Peter Taylor's a fox as well, he has been around the block as well, he knows what it takes to win games of football.

“But we have got good players. We have to be on the front foot as well, but we know Palace have got that quality, they can hurt you.

“You don't have people like Scowcroft, Morrison, Dickov, (Dougie) Freedman to struggle, you don't have that quality.

“We know we will have to be at our best to get a result. Now it is a matter of having that concentration level and doing what they are good at and doing it well.”

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