Guide to Norwich City contracts

PUBLISHED: 08:00 06 May 2009 | UPDATED: 16:15 10 September 2010

How long each Norwich City player has left on their contract.

Contracted players (16)

David Marshall: One year left of three-year contract

Jon Otsemobor: One year / three-year

Adam Drury: Two years / four-year

Dejan Stefanovic: One year / two-year

Sammy Clingan: One year / two-year

Jamie Cureton: One year / three-year

Gary Doherty: One year / two-year

Declan Rudd: One year / two-year

Wes Hoolahan: Two years / three-year

Darel Russell: One year / three-year

Matty Pattison: Two years / three-and-a-half year

Cody McDonald: One year / one-and-a-half year, with option

Korey Smith: One year / two-year

Tom Adeyemi: Two years / three-year

Damon Lathrope: One year / two-and-a-half year

Luke Daley: One year / two-year

t Out of contract in summer (4)

Lee Croft, Simon Lappin, Stuart Nelson, Carl Cort (short-term deal expires)

t Released (2)

Mark Fotheringham, Robert Eagle (one-year contracts ripped up last week).

t Loaned out (3)

Chris Martin: Season-long loan at Luton. One year left / three-year contract

Michael Spillane: Season-long loan at Luton. Recently signed new two-year contract

Kris Renton: Finished season on short-term loan to King's Lynn. One year / two-year contract

t Loaned in (8)

Ryan Bertrand (Chelsea), Chris Killen (Celtic), Alan Gow (Rangers), David Carney (Sheff Utd), Jason Shackell (Wolves), David Mooney (Reading), Alan Lee (Crystal Palace), Adrian Leijer (Fulham).

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