Holloway's message of support for Worthy

PUBLISHED: 07:30 25 September 2006 | UPDATED: 09:40 14 September 2010


Victorious manager Ian Holloway had a message for support for his under-fire opposite number after Saturday's game - but tore a strip off club chairmen for the way they deal with their managers.

Victorious manager Ian Holloway had a message of support for his under-fire opposite number after Saturday's game - but tore a strip off club chairmen for the way they deal with their managers.

At the end of a week which saw three Championship club part company with their managers, Holloway was able to enjoy the relief of finally getting a home win under his belt at Plymouth.

For Nigel Worthington it's a very different story as Norwich made it five away games without a win - and Holloway admitted he had expected more of a Norfolk challenge.

“I don't think Nigel will be too happy,” he said. “To be fair I was expecting a lot more than that with the people they have got there - but he's fantastic. He'll sort that out.

“This is a long journey and it almost looked a bit like that didn't it? I have been hoping for some of that, but everybody we have played so far have been really bright.”

Holloway insist Worthington should be given time to turn things around at Carrow Road.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, it has been fantastic what he has done, he said. “But people have to stop knee-jerk reactions, these chairmen have to start taking a little bit of stick and just because the window money is running out doesn't mean you are a bad team, it doesn't mean your manager should go. It is about what you are trying to build.

“Look at what Charlton managed to do with Curbishley. Too many people just bang the knee up and out you go. It's absolute rubbish, maybe they should go and give us some new direction now and again.”

As for his own team's performance, Holloway believes the 3-1 scoreline could have been improved.

“It's nice to sit here and say we could have had a few more,” he said. “I am a bit disappointed we let a goal in at the end, but some of our play was very bright and considering the age of some of my bench I am delighted.

“We can move on now. It's always there that you haven't won at home and now we have. I thought we thoroughly deserved it and was delighted with my lads.

“I'm very pleased for all of them because they worked their socks off and now we have got that little thing behind us and we've scored six in the last two home games.

“It's amazing once you are a couple of goals up, the confidence starts flowing, passes start looking sweeter and people doing the right things at the right time.”

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