Hull bans trouble fans

PUBLISHED: 08:00 12 September 2007 | UPDATED: 10:32 14 September 2010

Six Hull City football fans have been banned from the club's future games after complaints from Norwich City supporters about abusive and intimidating behaviour.

Six Hull City football fans have been banned from the club's games after com-plaints from Norwich City supporters about abusive and intimidating behaviour.

A number of Canaries fans complained to officials at Hull following the two teams' Championship match on August 25. It was alleged that members of the Hull crowd threw missiles and performed Nazi salutes during Norwich's 2-1 away defeat.

Safety officers at Hull have reviewed CCTV footage of the match and identified six people responsible. All have been banned from the KC Stadium indefinitely and their details passed to police.

Canaries fan Darren Belcher, who was at the match, said: "I noticed three Hull fans appearing to anger the Norwich crowd. One Norwich fan was ejected, then about 10 minutes later a Hull fan was ejected.

"Then his mate, who I saw give a Nazi salute towards the Norwich City fans, was also ejected. He was throwing punches at the stewards who were escorting him away.

"It was a scary moment when we came out of the ground with loads of Hull fans at the fence. I actually thought bottles were going to be thrown."

In a letter to one Norwich fan, a club representative said: "Unfortunately you were victims of half a dozen supporters who had earlier been ejected from the ground for their behaviour towards the away supporters. As you say, a bit of banter is expected, but this lot went beyond the acceptable behaviour line and were dealt with accordingly.

"Normally at the end of games, police officers outside the stadium create an arc to divert supporters away from the fence which then allows all supporters to leave the stadium simultaneously, but for whatever reason, they did not do this at this game and home supporters approached the fence.

"There are no excuses for the behaviour of this group and though we don't have a zero tolerance, where possible we try to do something about it.

"This makes the total number of club bans 64. It is a record we're not proud of. Once again, I apologise and thankfully no one was hurt," said the representative.

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