Crossing the divide: Did these players represent Norwich or Ipswich more?

PUBLISHED: 12:19 18 October 2017 | UPDATED: 12:48 18 October 2017

Tom Adeyemi is the most recent player to represent Norwich and Ipswich. Picture Pagepix

Tom Adeyemi is the most recent player to represent Norwich and Ipswich. Picture Pagepix

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Just 13 players have represented both Norwich City and Ipswich Town since 1980 – but can you remember which club those players represented more?

The most recent addition to that list is midfielder Tom Adeyemi, a Canaries academy product signed by Town on a free transfer from Cardiff this summer.

Just four players have moved directly between the clubs and that hasn’t happened since 2001, when Andy Marshall controversially decided to join the Blues when his City contract expired.

Norwich legend Ian Crook had come close to making that same move during the 1990s and was even pictured holding an Ipswich shirt, before thinking better of it.

Town legend Clive Woods is among the other three, completed by John Deehan and Trevor Putney.

Ahead of this Sunday’s derby clash at Portman Road, here’s your chance to test your memories of those players brave enough to cross the divide since 1980.

• Try your luck in the quiz above

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