Jamie can make up for lost time - Fleck

PUBLISHED: 11:07 02 July 2007 | UPDATED: 10:21 14 September 2010

Jamie Cureton at Carrow Road today.

Jamie Cureton at Carrow Road today.


Jamie Cureton's return to Carrow Road will help him find "something missing in his life" - according to one famous Norwich City striker who returned to the fold.

Jamie Cureton's return to Carrow Road will help him find "something missing in his life" - according to one famous Norwich City striker who returned to the fold.

Robert Fleck, whose two spells with the Canaries were split by three years at Chelsea, reckons Cureton is guaranteed a warm welcome from fans who were given just a brief glimpse of his goalscoring potential before he was sold to Bristol Rovers 11 years ago.

Fleck said his former team-mate would be eager to make up for a missed opportunity by knocking in the goals second time around with City.

"I think it's a move that works well for both parties," said Fleck. "Look at the amount of goals Jamie's scored for Colchester and the way he's worked hard for the team - and Peter's going to have him doing that for Norwich.

"Jamie got a little bit of success as a young man and maybe, for one reason or another, he didn't fulfil his full potential then.

"He's moved about three or four times and he's a little bit more mature now. He's come to an age when he realises there are not many years left.

"He was linked with Charlton, Hull and a lot of other clubs but going back to Norwich, he's done it for himself. Because he didn't fulfil his potential it's like there's something missing in his life.

"He will get a good welcome because he was always well liked as a kid at Norwich. He's a wholehearted player, a team player.

"I didn't see many of his games last season but every time you picked up the paper or looked at the TV, it was 'Jamie Cureton's scored again'. You'll always back him to score goals." Former Scotland World Cup striker Fleck, fourth in the Canaries' all-time scoring list with 84 goals in 299 games, said Robert Earnshaw's departure -- for £3.5m to Derby three days ago - was not unexpected, and he reckons they can prosper without him.

He said: "No, it was no surprise. Everybody in the city knew he wanted to go. We all knew he wanted to leave and play in the Premier League. It's unfortunate that he's left and a disappointment, but maybe the team will be better without him."

Fleck expects more new faces to arrive before the start of the Championship season - and has been helping manager Peter Grant with his scouting missions.

He said: "I know there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes. They're looking all over the world and trying to get more people in. Hopefully before the start of the season there will be three, four, five players in.

"I watched a couple of games before the season finished and I hope there will be a more of that next season as they're trying to bring in new players. It's nice to be thought of in that way. They listen to what you say and they've been pleased with the reports I've made."

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