Kansas City striker Kei Kamara reportedly set to sign for Norwich City

PUBLISHED: 13:15 30 January 2013 | UPDATED: 16:36 30 January 2013

Norwich City are reportedly set to sign Sporting Kansas City striker Kei Kamara, subject to the Sierra Leone international gaining a work permit, following reports that he has left the MLS club.

During the MLSsoccer.com live stream on Tuesday night of Kansas City’s pre-season game defender Josh Gardner said: “We’ll miss Kei a little bit with his size,” before saying “with Kei leaving” when asked where he thinks Graham Zusi will fit into the starting lineup.

The 28-year-old is one of three players to score nine or more goals in each of the last three seasons and is thought to be in the last year of his contract with the MLS, who own the rights for the players.

Last week Norwich City manager Chris Hughton said: “Kei Kamara is a player we’ve made enquiries about, but as far as anything more than that it is all I can tell you. He is one of lots of players we have enquired about. Some reach the public domain, you expect it these days, but generally 99% of what is in the media has no fact. Any progress or not will take place behind–the-scenes. All I will say is it’s an enquiry and that is the process which goes on week in, week out. If and when there is any definite news we’ll get it to you.”

Born in Sierra Leone, Kamara emigrated to the United States as a teenager and has spent the last eight years playing for various professional clubs, with Kansas securing his services from Houston Dynamo in 2009.

A full international for Sierra Leone with 14 appearances and two goals to his name, he had a trial with Stoke City in December but was not offered a deal.

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