‘I know the boys have enough quality’ – Klose is convinced City will survive in the Premier League

Timm Klose should start at Liverpool, in the absence of the injued Christoph Zimmermann Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Timm Klose should start at Liverpool, in the absence of the injued Christoph Zimmermann Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Injured defender Timm Klose is ‘certain’ that Norwich City will get their Premier League season back on track.

The Switzerland international's long-term knee problem is one of the many injury issues that head coach Daniel Farke is having to contend with, after six defeats in eight games left the Canaries in the Premier League relegation zone.

Klose feels Saturday's 5-1 home defeat to Aston Villa will prompt a response though, saying: "Let's say we won that Aston Villa game, everyone would have talked about how good it is and how positive.

"But we lost to Burnley and to Crystal Palace, which let's be honest, are direct rivals for us. But sometimes you need those periods and we all said it was going to happen this season, because it is normal for a squad who are fighting to survive to have those up and down moments.

"Now it's a good time to sit together again and talk about what are the basics, what do we have to do better. It's good for the manager as well to look back on it all, reflect and then not lose his idea. But he's very good in that, he won't lose his idea, he will try to fix different parts of the idea but he will stick to the main thing: possession-based football.

"Of course we need to improve on certain things but I am certain that we are going to have a wonderful season this year."

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City are hoping their injury crisis will have eased significantly ahead of their trip to Bournemouth next Saturday.

"I don't know yet but maybe we will have Onel (Hernandez) back, Tom (Trybull) back, (Alex) Tettey back, Tim Krul could be back I think - that's going to lift the mood again," Klose said, speaking to BBC Radio Norfolk.

"Then some time in November or December, Zimbo (Christoph Zimmermann) comes back and then maybe I'm back in March, I don't know, maybe I can play the last five games, maybe not, you never know."

He concluded: "I'm certain, I know, that the boys have enough quality to stay in this division. It's just to find all of those little pieces, like a puzzle. It's eight games of the season. I know 'we need more points' and whatever but there are 30 more games.

"It's a puzzle. We will stick every little piece together and in the end we are going to celebrate again because we stayed in the league."

- Click here to listen to this week's episode of The Scrimmage on BBC Radio Norfolk, which featured Klose as a special guest

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