‘I can’t wait to give them more next season’ – Krul so grateful for support of Canaries fans

Tim Krul celebrates promotion with Norwich City fans in the Barclay Stand Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Tim Krul celebrates promotion with Norwich City fans in the Barclay Stand Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Tim Krul is so grateful for the support of Norwich City fans during his roller-coaster return to regular action during the Canaries’ successful promotion campaign.

The Dutchman was brought in during pre-season and has been an ever-present for Daniel Farke's Championship leaders – but admits there were tough moments along the way.

Krul suffered a serious knee injury in October 2015 and was used as back-up at Brighton last season, so has had a mixed season of frustrating errors and excellent saves for City, with his experience proving crucial.

“It's a relationship, it's not going to be easy, if you play 45 games you are going to make mistakes,” the former Newcastle number one said of the strong bond which has developed with Canaries fans.

“I've said that, and especially with the way we play, there will be mistakes, like with every player on this pitch has made mistakes this season. But they've stood by me and I appreciate that so much. It's been a yellow wall, every time I look back and they are behind us.

“The noise they made again was incredible and I can't wait to give them more next season to really show what I'm capable of again.”

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That bond was shown in Krul's delighted celebrations with fans in the Barclay Stand in the wake of promotion being sealed by a 2-1 home win over Blackburn on Saturday night.

Reports in Holland suggest he turned down a cover role at Chelsea to join City with pre-season already in full swing and the enthusiastic keeper is focused on rediscovering his best form in the top flight.

“I trained on my own on a dodgy pitch in Newcastle for six or seven weeks and then I played two pre-season games in four days, and then the season started,” he reflected.

“So I can't wait to have a full pre-season, I'm going to train over the summer for a major season that's going to come.

“I needed this season to fully believe. I haven't missed a training session for two-and-a-bit years now, so I know I'm fit, fitter than ever.

“And the experience of the mental side of things that I have had to deal with has made me even stronger than I've ever been, so I can't wait to get going again, to have a good break in the summer and then come back firing.”

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