Luton striker Jon Shaw hoping to get one over old pal Norwich City captain Grant Holt

PUBLISHED: 09:00 26 January 2013

Striker Jon Shaw is hoping to upstage former team-mate Grant Holt when he steps out for Luton Town in today’s FA Cup fourth round tie at Carrow Road.

Shaw, 29, was at Sheffield Wednesday with Holt earlier in their careers and has been impressed with the way the Norwich City skipper has risen to the ranks of Premier League hot-shot.

But Shaw will be hoping to steal his thunder and the headlines as the Hatters look for another shock victory. Shaw told Luton Today: “I played with Grant Holt at Sheffield Wednesday. I was there as a youth player and turned pro and we brought him from Barrow, who are in our league now, and who weren’t even in our league back then.

“And we were good friends then because again he was a young player coming out of non-league and I was just a young player.

“To see what he’s done in his career has been amazing because I don’t think many would have seen him doing what he has done. He’s done wonders.”

If Holt plays – he missed City’s third round victory at Peterborough – Shaw would love to overshadow him, but admitted: “I’m not so sure. He’s got a knack of grabbing the headlines himself.”

The pair had shared some messages on Twitter before the game, and Shaw is looking forward to seeing his old friend.

“We’ve both got young families and we both look after them first and foremost,” he said.

Shaw was involved in a clash of heads in the 1-0 win over Wolves in the previous round and played most of the match with a bandaged head and four stitches in his eyebrow. He also had stitches in a foot injury.

He added: “It’s been a rough month. They are all all right now. The foot’s a bit sore but that’s what happens when you kick the bottom of somebody’s boot, I suppose.”

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