Martin aiming to knock Ipswich off course as he takes on former Canaries boss Lambert

PUBLISHED: 10:09 01 October 2020 | UPDATED: 12:47 01 October 2020

Norwich City legend Russell Martin is manager of League One side MK Dons Picture: Bradley Collyer/PA Wire

Norwich City legend Russell Martin is manager of League One side MK Dons Picture: Bradley Collyer/PA Wire

PA Wire/PA Images

Russell Martin is relishing the chance to lock horns with his former Norwich City manager Paul Lambert when his MK Dons team host Ipswich on Saturday.

Town sit top of League One after winning their opening three matches but the Dons sit third from bottom after only managing a point so far.

Martin played for Lambert at Wycombe and it was the Scot who brought him to Norwich during the 2009-10 season, with the former defender going on to make 309 appearances and captained the Canaries to Championship play-off final glory at Wembley.

“I worked with the manager for six years as a player, so that adds a little bit. They’ve started the season really well,” said Martin, who was unbeaten in the seven East Anglian derbies that he played in.

“The fact that I played for a club that Ipswich don’t think very fondly of for a long time and that I had a really good record against, probably adds a little bit.

“For me it’s a game that, obviously I have a huge amount of respect for their manager and what he did for me and my career, the faith he showed in me as a player a long time ago.

“So I look forward to seeing him but it’s a game that I want to win, a game that we want to win, a game we’ve worked extremely hard on this week and it’s a game that the players should look forward to.”

Martin did play against the Tractor Boys for the Dons in a 1-0 home defeat last September but the return fixture wasn’t played due to League One being settled using the points-per-game method. Town finished in mid-table after relegation from the Championship.

Speaking to the Dons’ website, Martin continued: “Our record, especially at home last season, against the top teams in the league - Oxford, Portsmouth, Rotherham and Coventry away from home - we had a really good record against those top teams.

“It feels like Ipswich will be up there, where they are now, or there or thereabouts, because they have a really strong squad and they’ve really changed from what they were doing last season - and it seems to be really working for them and really effective.

“So it’s a really good challenge for us, one I want the players to embrace, one I’m looking forward to and excited for.”

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