City head coach has a message for those who have written off his team

Daniel Farke wants to start 2020 with a bang in Norwich City's Premier League home game against Crystal Palace 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke wants to start 2020 with a bang in Norwich City's Premier League home game against Crystal Palace Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke has made a New Year’s pledge to Norwich City fans – the Canaries will give it everything in their Premier League survival fight.

City bid to get 2020 off to a winning start in tonight's Carrow Road top flight test against Crystal Palace (KO 5.30pm).

Rock bottom Norwich face a major task to defy the odds after picking up 13 points from 20 games, but Farke insists those who matter still believe.

"It would be a little miracle to stay in this league. But one thing is for sure, don't underestimate the spirit or the attitude of my lads," he said. "They will work their socks off to create this miracle.

"Tottenham was a brilliant first step for what is the second part of the season. I can't guarantee we will stay in this league, but I can guarantee we fight until the last game day. Palace is another great opportunity to win some points at home and this is the mood we will prepare ourselves.

"Let's be honest, we were a big favourite to finish last before the season. Absolutely we believe. We showed great steel and togetherness against Tottenham and if we go further on with this spirit then we still have a chance."

Mario Vrancic capped an eye-catching display with his first Premier League goal against Spurs but had to be substituted after a heavy collision.

Vrancic suffered a gashed tongue but underlined he could be a key player over the second part of the season after an injury-disrupted campaign.

"I was pleased with him. He looked really sharp, he scored a great goal and won a lot of balls and played some smart passes," said Farke. "Sadly, we had to take him off when he got a knock on his head.

"Every player in this group is important because we don't have the depth of the top clubs. We need options and I think we showed we have those with the changes we made for the last game.

"I was pleased with Onel Hernandez, Mario, Jamal (Lewis) and Marco (Stiepermann). It is not easy for them to simply come in, look fresh and then deliver. Even for someone like Jamal, who was not involved in recent weeks, it is a big ask to deliver."

City will kick-off six points behind West Ham in 17th place, with relegation rivals Aston Villa and Watford and playing earlier in the day.

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