Norwich City transfer rumours: Sinani summer deal agreed

PUBLISHED: 17:29 28 January 2020 | UPDATED: 17:29 28 January 2020

Danel Sinani, front, in action for Luxembourg against Northern Ireland last year Picture: Liam McBurney/PA Wire

Danel Sinani, front, in action for Luxembourg against Northern Ireland last year Picture: Liam McBurney/PA Wire

PA Wire/PA Images

Luxembourg international Danel Sinani has reportedly agreed to join Norwich City – but will not arrive in England until this summer.

As previously reported, the Canaries were believed to be interested in bringing in the 22-year-old attacker as a potential future prospect, with Sky Sports reporting last week that a deal was close.

However, Football Insider claim that a pre-contract agreement has now been agreed, with Sinani's deal at Luxembourgian club F91 Dudelange due to expire in the summer.

The Serbia-born talent can play up front and on either wing and has previously been linked with interest from Polish club Legia Warsaw and Greek side Olympiakos.

Sinani has 21 goals and six assists to his name from 26 matches in all competitions for his club so far this season, including four in the Europa League group stages, two of which were scored against Spanish side Sevilla.

The left-footed forward also have three goals in 20 games at international level, for minnows Luxembourg, with those goals scored in the Uefa Nations League against Moldova and San Marino.

VERDICT: Sporting director Stuart Webber has previously spoken about the need to be "creative" in the search for affordable talents and Sinani would certainly seem to fall into that category.

It's unclear whether the Canaries would announce a pre-contract agreement this month but the January transfer window closes at 11pm on Friday.

If the player went on to be a success for City it would be seen as a major success for the club's scouts, although it seems he would arrive as a project to see if his raw materials can be shaped into a top-level player.

It's clear from video footage of the player in recent seasons that he has an eye for goal and a lethal left foot, but he will need to handle a significant step up in standard, even if Norwich are back in the Championship next season.

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