Zimbo staying positive due to City’s response since heavy defeat at United

Christoph Zimmermann closes down Serge Aurier during City's defeat at Tottenham Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Christoph Zimmermann closes down Serge Aurier during City's defeat at Tottenham Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Norwich City may have felt hard done by after defeat at Tottenham but defender Christoph Zimmermann still has survival hope, after an upturn in Premier League performance levels.

The big German felt the Canaries had let themselves down badly during a 4-0 loss at Manchester United earlier this month but a 1-0 home victory over Bournemouth provided the required response.

Although that was followed by a narrow 2-1 defeat at Spurs, Daniel Farke's team will head to Burnley in the FA Cup fourth round on Saturday looking to build on those displays ahead of a top-flight trip to Newcastle the next weekend.

"I think if we can put in the same work load and the same performance then we have got every chance there," the centre-back said, looking ahead to the game at Newcastle.

"When we spoke after the United game I said we were disappointed because we didn't perform at our best but we did (at Tottenham). So we can't be disappointed because of the performance, just because of the outcome."

After a slow start, the Canaries gave Spurs a scare on Wednesday, with Teemu Pukki equalising with a penalty in the 70th minute but Son Heung-min reclaiming the lead for the hosts eight minutes later after Zimmermann had blocked a Dele Alli shot, only for the ball to fall kindly for Son.

"During the first 15 minutes we were trying to get ourselves into the game more by fighting and being compact, then playing out," the 27-year-old explained.

"If you are playing here away from home, it's an impressive stadium and they've got good players, they're a strong side, so it can be that they have strong periods during the game. Other than the first 15 minutes I think we were very competitive and also brave enough to play better."

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New signings Ondrej Duda and Lukas Rupp have both arrived this month and Zimmermann sees both as good signings.

"Ondrej has had two very good games, I would say, he's been working a lot and with having the two of them on the pitch you can see how highly motivated they are," he added. "It's their first games and they want to make a good impression, and it's also just very good for the competition within the group.

"No-one can be sure they will start the next game - and I think that has certainly lifted our level."

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