TV star ‘appalled’ as Luke Chadwick admits ‘dread’ over ridicule

PUBLISHED: 11:14 18 May 2020 | UPDATED: 16:18 18 May 2020

Luke Chadwick, during his time at Norwich City Picture: Archant

Luke Chadwick, during his time at Norwich City Picture: Archant

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Broadcaster Nick Hancock says he is “appalled” at himself after former Manchester United and Norwich City player Luke Chadwick opened up on the torment his TV show caused him.

Broadcaster Nick Hancock says he is 'appalled' at himself Picture: PABroadcaster Nick Hancock says he is 'appalled' at himself Picture: PA

Hancock was speaking as a former host of the BBC panel show ‘They Think It’s All Over’, which Chadwick has said he used to “dread”.

The show would make fun of Chadwick’s appearance as he was breaking through at United and, 20 years on, the now 39-year-old has spoken about the effect the mocking had on him.

“In the end, it lowers your self-esteem a lot,” he told the BBC. “That’s all I’m known for and spoken about – the way I looked. That isn’t right.”

A two-time Premier League winner with Manchester United, Chadwick – who spent just over two years at Norwich before leaving in January 2009 – added of the show: “I became a picture of fun, and that was probably the hardest thing. A popular TV show – the attention was magnified, so that’s what I was seen as by everyone off the back of that.

“I used to dread it coming on the telly. I wouldn’t watch it but then I’d get a text off someone saying ‘oh you’ve been on that show again’ as if it was a joke.

“Obviously people were finding it funny, but it was eating away at me a bit inside while that was happening.”

Hancock told the BBC on Monday of his shame: “Listening to Luke is incredibly humbling, he’s shown so much more generosity and understanding and good judgment than we did at the time. I’m appalled for him and at myself. When I hear him speaking, I’m full of admiration for the present Luke Chadwick and full of sympathy for the young Luke Chadwick. The terrible thing about comedians and comedy shows is that if you’re getting laughs, you think you’re doing a good job.”

Hancock added: “Nobody should expect Luke to have called us on it, but it would have been effective if say the PFA or his club had said something. I’m desperate to be in touch with him. I would be happy to meet him and hopefully we could put it to bed. If he feels he couldn’t forgive me, although he sounds like he may be able to, I would understand that too.”

Gary Lineker later apologised, tweeting: “I was part of that show, therefore, I too would like to apologise to Luke Chadwick for any hurt caused,.

Chadwick also tweeted: “I accept Nick Hancock’s and @GaryLineker apologies wholeheartedly, and although not about that are of course appreciated!”

Tears not tantrums - Chadwick on his time at Norwich City

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