Nigel: We're not worthy of play-off place

PUBLISHED: 17:51 26 March 2006 | UPDATED: 09:19 14 September 2010

Nigel Worthington had some harsh words to say about his team after witnessing yet another depressing away performance on Friday night.

Norwich City manager Nigel Worthington had some harsh words to say about his team after witnessing yet another depressing away performance on Friday night.

Following the unexpected 2-0 reverse at Burnley the Canaries have now lost 11 times on their travels this season - and the vast majority of those defeats have come as a result of really poor displays.

Worthington knows their record away from Carrow Road is just not good enough, and didn't mix his words as he demanded an end to the sporadic no-shows that have blighted City's campaign.

“There are three important things in football - you have got to take your chances, you have got to pass the ball accurately and you have got to have consistency.

“That has been our Achilles heel throughout the season. We seem to be able to put two or three good performances in and then we throw in one like that. It is very disappointing and frustrating.

“That sort of thing has happened a little too often away from home this season and it is something we need to address.

“When we do the basics right we look a decent side. When we don't we look less than average. It's something we have got to sort out and make sure we get right.

“All I can say is that I want a big response from the players against Leicester next weekend.”

Worthington was also honest enough to admit that his men had done nothing to suggest they were worthy of a play-off place on Friday night.

“In this game you have got to take your chances and you have got to pass the ball,” he said. “I thought we passed it quite well until they scored and then the whole thing turned around. They passed the ball better, much better than we did, and we never really got any fluency into our game again.

“Our passing was shocking after that good early spell and their second goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of the players. We showed our mettle against Leeds and Sheffield United - but we certainly didn't show it against Burnley.

“When you lose a game at this stage of the season the door is forever closing. It hasn't shut tight yet but this certainly makes it a lot, lot harder. And with performances like that do you really deserve to get in there in the first place?”

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