‘The lads are gutted’ – Hanley determined to build on positive parts of City’s loss to Wolves

Grant Hanley gets to his feet after being unable to prevent Raul Jimenez scoring the winner for Wolves 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Grant Hanley gets to his feet after being unable to prevent Raul Jimenez scoring the winner for Wolves Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Fit-again skipper Grant Hanley admits Norwich City only have themselves to blame for defeat to Wolves but is determined not to be too downhearted about the disappointment.

The Scotland international centre-back brought an end to over three months out following groin and hernia surgeries and was one of City's best performers, but was unable to prevent the visitors overhauling a 1-0 deficit at the break to leave Carrow Road with all three points.

"The biggest frustration is that we felt we could have been out of sight at half-time really," Hanley said.

"Tetts (Alex Tettey) has hit the post, Kenny (McLean) went through, Pukki's had a couple of one-v-ones, but it's tough to complain about lads like Pukki - he's scored more than his fair share and I'm sure he'll continue to do that.

"But this is the Premier League, if you don't put the game to bed the second half is always going to be different.

"They came out a different side and we had put so much into the first half that inevitably we tired and the game opened up, they were obviously going to get chances and we were not tight enough to stop it.

"I'm not quite sure what the answer is, it's hard to say what we need to do or improve on, but it's massively frustrating and the lads are gutted.

"But on the other hand it's the Christmas period, there's a lot of games coming up, we can't be too down win, lose or draw, especially for this period but the remainder of the season.

"We need to turn things around quickly, not get too far ahead of ourselves or too down, to stay level, stay concentrated, take the positives and keep moving forward."

It was a sixth home game without a win and the third on the spin that the Canaries have let a half-time lead slip, following a 2-2 draw with Arsenal and a 2-1 loss to Sheffield United.

Daniel Farke's team looked determined to build on their first half, going through a quick warm-up routine on the pitch after reemerging from the dressing room, to sharpen their senses for the restart - but it didn't work.

"It's only human nature, what was said in the dressing room was 'let's not do that again', basically," Hanley explained.

"But it's tough to know what to say and what to think about when you're going back out there, you just need to keep you mind focussed, not get too carried away because you can over-think it.

"But as we tired it was always going to open up a little bit and because we never put the game to bed, that's what happened."

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