Norwich City 3 Swindon Town 2 reaction: Daniel Farke on tense times and Nelson Oliveira’s absence

PUBLISHED: 01:08 09 August 2017 | UPDATED: 01:08 09 August 2017

James Maddison was impressive against Swindon Town. 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

James Maddison was impressive against Swindon Town. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Daniel Farke was ‘angry’ at Norwich City’s soft centre after a fraught 3-2 League Cup win over Swindon Town at Carrow Road on Tuesday night.

The Canaries made hard work of booking a place in the next round despite goals from Cameron Jerome, Wes Hoolahan and James Maddison but Swindon hit back twice through Olly Lancashire and Paul Mullin on identical set pieces.

“Not so much concerned but a little bit angry about this situation because we talked about it in the preparation,” he said. “We knew Swindon were very, very good on set pieces. Sometimes you can’t avoid giving away a set piece but I think on both occasions they were avoidable. It was sloppy defending, we gave away easy fouls. Of course they then bring forward their big centre halves and the guys who are good at heading the ball. You have to repair it with a really hungry attitude and we didn’t do that. That is why we conceded two goals and the game was really close in the end. Sometimes small things are big details. We have to concentrate on those because that might have cost us a place in the second round. Which is why I am angry. I am not so concerned because we can improve this easily.

“We have a clear strategy but it is always about individual behaviour. In the first situation two guys were too sloppy, on the second goal it was one guy. We will show them the video. These situations can completely change the result. If you go 3-3 you might lose 4-3 in extra-time. It is a good experience to make some faults but all in all it was a win, although I like to learn when we are winning.”

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Farke, however, praised his side’s attacking power, even without Nelson Oliveira who was a notable omission from the squad after his Fulham spat.

“There was so much attention on Nelson in the last few days. I don’t want to speak about this topic,” said Farke. “It is always about the group and the group who won the game and got us into the second round. That is all I want to say on the matter.

“A really brilliant 45 minutes. We were not so precise in the last third and the finishing but we dominated the game in terms of possession. Then we conceded an unnecessary set piece goal. The reaction was good. I think the last 20 minutes of the first half we were nearly perfect. We scored three goals and could have scored even more.

“All in all I am very happy with the first half. Not with the second half. I can’t explain why. It was an unnecessary struggle but it was all about getting into the next round of the cup. We did so I am happy with the result and the first half performance. We have to improve some things. We will work on those.”

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