Norwich City Championship fixtures 2017-18: Watch what our correspondents had to say

PUBLISHED: 13:17 21 June 2017 | UPDATED: 13:47 21 June 2017

Michael Bailey and Paddy Davitt are on hand to answer your Norwich City questions.

Michael Bailey and Paddy Davitt are on hand to answer your Norwich City questions.


Norwich City’s 2017-18 EFL Championship fixtures are out – and you can re-live the discussion as our Canaries correspondents looked at the fixtures for the new season.

Chief Norwich City writer Paddy Davitt and Mustard TV sports editor Michael Bailey were on Facebook Live at lunchtime, to discuss the Canaries’ 2017-18 schedule – from the tricky spells to important sequences in a season where City will be desperate to book their Premier League return.

Our reporters will also take your questions on what it means for the first campaign under new head coach Daniel Farke, as well as the inevitable posers and comments on the wider Norwich City world.

You can follow the debate again here – as well as on The Pinkun Facebook page

The Canaries will play 46 games as they bid for promotion back to the Premier League, starting with a trip to bogey side Fulham on Saturday, August 5.

They will face another East Anglian derby double-header with arch rivals Ipswich Town, two long midweek trips north to Middlesbrough and Sunderland respectively, before it all comes to an end at Hillsborough against a Sheffield Wednesday side that has made the play-offs in the last two seasons.

City have been handed a tough opener in heading to Craven Cottage, where Norwich haven’t won since 1986 – that’s eight defeat in 10 visits.

The game will signal the first competitive outing for Farke – the club’s first manager from outside the UK and Ireland.

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