Norwich City chief Daniel Farke refuses to get embroiled in Sheffield United controversy

PUBLISHED: 11:01 17 September 2017 | UPDATED: 11:01 17 September 2017

Daniel Farke savours Norwich City's win at Sheffield United. 
Picture: Michael Sedgwick/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke savours Norwich City's win at Sheffield United. Picture: Michael Sedgwick/Focus Images Ltd

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Daniel Farke opted to keep his own counsel rather than get embroiled in a war of words with Sheffield United rival Chris Wilder after a feisty 1-0 Championship win at Bramall Lane.

Wilder accused the Canaries of gamesmanship during an abrasive contest and was seething City had got caught in traffic prior to the game and then kept his side waiting at half-time.

Wilder himself was sent to the stands in the second half for encroaching into Farke’s technical area to retrieve the ball with his team trailing to Yanic Wildschut’s first half goal.

“That is not my topic and I won’t comment on the behaviour of my colleagues,” said the German. “I will just concentrate on my job. After the game and these decisions, especially in the second half, I would think it was me who had to be put in the stand. You have to accept that it was the other way around.”

Wilder’s exit came in the midst of a frenetic spell that saw James Husband go to ground after an off-the-ball tussle and James Maddison get booked in the aftermath of what his head coach insisted was a clear penalty.

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“I won’t judge that incident (with Husband). It’s not my topic. The only thing was really obvious was we did not receive a penalty in the second half. That was an incredible decision,” he said. “The keeper either gets the ball and it’s a corner or he hits the man and it’s a penalty. They got a goal kick and everyone in the stadium could see he was two metres away from the ball. James Maddison was injured in this situation and I had to substitute him. He wasn’t able to run off the pitch.

“He tried to come out to the sideline and was given a yellow card. Then we were not able to substitute him so we had to play for two minutes or whatever with 10 men. To accept this situation was really hard and to be honest I am a little bit surprised I wasn’t on the stands either. I just tried to calm down. I won’t comment on the incidents we can’t influence, nor the situations of the referee. It is always about our behaviour.”

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