Norwich City chief Daniel Farke rules out late transfer flurry

PUBLISHED: 16:42 25 August 2017 | UPDATED: 16:47 25 August 2017

Josh Murphy has stepped up in recent games following the big-money departure of his brother. 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Josh Murphy has stepped up in recent games following the big-money departure of his brother. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Daniel Farke is ruling out a late transfer flurry from Norwich City.

Farke sanctioned a short term loan move for Ben Godfrey to Shrewsbury earlier in the week but that is not a signal he is clearing a space in his squad for new blood ahead of next week’s deadline.

“Right now, sitting here, I expect that we will do nothing,” he said. “Normally the agents leave you alone from September to December or February to May and at this stage you are either on the phone all day or else you throw it away. You have to make a choice. I think we will do nothing. I am really relaxed. We have a good squad, I am happy with it. I have mentioned many times we won’t fall asleep if there is a special option. You can imagine some improvements in one or two areas of the squad but I am content.

“We don’t have any pressure. I am content with the squad and the numbers. It is good to have a close relationship with Stuart (Webber) so we go in the same direction. Otherwise there could be more stress.

“If I was selfish I would say, no, we wouldn’t let Ben go. To be honest, on a personal level I am sad because he is a great guy who has improved a lot in pre-season. He was not so far away from the XI but there is a lot of competition in his area. Normally, his best position is holding midfielder, even though he has played at right back or centre back.

“It is a smart move for him and the club to give him some minutes in his best position. Here we have Harrison Reed, Alex Tettey, Tom Trybull. He can now build his self-confidence and his rhythm. It is important for young players to have some minutes.”

Josh Murphy’s growing influence underlines Farke’s total trust in those under his command, with the wide player set to benefit from his twin Jacob’s big-money exit to Newcastle United.

“He is full of potential and quality and for sure he has to learn. I like to work with him because he is really open with a big will to improve,” he said. “I know he must miss his brother but on the other hand, in terms of the squad, it means one less competitor and more chances for him to play.

“We wanted to give him some space because we believe in his potential. Jacob was a player I liked but it was a good decision for both brothers. They will have a great future if they keep their feet on the ground.”

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