‘VAR - Clearly and obviously not working!’ - City fans fed up with VAR after Pukki offside

PUBLISHED: 22:15 28 December 2019

City fans voice their displeasure at VAR through banners. Picture: AlongComeNorwich

City fans voice their displeasure at VAR through banners. Picture: AlongComeNorwich


Norwich City supporters in the Barclay Stand held a banner protesting against VAR after Teemu Pukki had a goal disallowed by the video assistant referee in Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham Hotspur.

'It's not football anymore', was the chant that escalated around Carrow Road as supporters voiced their displeasure at technological interference in the sport.

Pukki latched onto a Mario Vrancic pass before coolly slotting past Paulo Gazzaniga and into the net.

But as with many goals this season, City fans celebrations were cut short when VAR gave the decision in favour of the visitors.

Replays showed that Pukki's arm was millimetres ahead of Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen.

Had the goal of stood, it would have put City 2-0 up at half-time, where the dynamic of the fixture could have radically changed.

City boss Daniel Farke claimed that he felt like 'everything was against' his side in an earlier press conference and it appears lady luck still isn't shining on the Canaries.

City remain bottom of the Premier League table, six points from safety.

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