Norwich City or Fleetwood Town? Choice would be ‘difficult’ for Uwe Rosler

PUBLISHED: 10:19 31 March 2017

Fleetwood Town manager Uwe Rosler. Picture: Simon Cooper/PA Wire.

Fleetwood Town manager Uwe Rosler. Picture: Simon Cooper/PA Wire.

PA Wire

It would appear to be an easy decision – Fleetwood Town or Norwich City – but former Everton star Andy Hinchcliffe believes the choice would be tough for Uwe Rosler... should he have to make it.

Rosler has been linked with the head coach’s role at Carrow Road – although he knocked back the speculation, describing it as “fake news”.

However, Hinchcliffe told Sky Sports’ EFL Weekly Podcast would be surprised if the ex-Manchester City striker snubbed any Norwich offer.

“Fleetwood will be desperate to keep him,” said Hinchcliffe. “He kind of fell off the radar a little bit after having a difficult time at Wigan, but he’s gone to Fleetwood and what an incredible job he’s done there. They’ve got the second best defence in League One, that’s why they’re riding so high, he’s won twice as many games as he’s lost, so he’s restored his reputation, and that’s why clubs like Norwich are looking at Uwe Rosler.”

“It’s a difficult one for him. Fleetwood could get promoted to the Championship anyway, so it’s not an easy decision to make, and he’s got to think long and hard. With that said, if Norwich do come for him, I would be surprised if Uwe actually resisted that.”

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