Superb first half followed by difficult moments for City’s highly-rated youngster

Max Aarons was in the thick of the action during Norwich's City's 3-2 home win over Hull Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Max Aarons was in the thick of the action during Norwich's City's 3-2 home win over Hull Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Our latest Norwich City player watch kept an eye on right-back Max Aarons, as the England Under-19 international helped earn a 3-2 win to send the Canaries back to the top of the Championship table.

1 – Threads through to Teemu Pukki, who charges down the right, but Aarons has to drop back and block off Markus Henriksen as Hull clear.

4 – Gets in front of Jackson Irvine to make sure the midfielder can’t get on the end of a Jarrod Bowen cross, and nudges the ball clear.

12 – Controls a Tim Krul kick on the touch-line under pressure, exchanges one-two with Emi Buendia and then skips past Stewart, setting Buendia away.

13 – Found on the right by Pukki but cross is weak and cleared.

14 – Exchanges one-two with Marco Stiepermann on the edge of the box, gets on the end of a lovely chip but low cross is deflected away as far as Stiepermann, who keeps the attack alive and eventually Buendia makes it 2-0.

18 – Tom Trybull chips a pass out of defence to him, gets initial control wrong but holds off Irvine and finds Trybull, who pushes clear.

32 – Receives a lovely switch from the left from Kenny McLean but has to turn backwards as there’s no support, City recycle and Ben Godfrey switches a long ball this time, Aarons controls well to turn inside Erich Lichaj, attack continues and Pukki pokes wide after being teed up by Onel Hernandez.

36 – Picks up a cleared corner and plays a long ball to Buendia on the left, greeted by impressed noises from the home fans, Buendia cuts on to his right and curls just wide.

40 – Exchanges one-two with Buendia in attack but Argentine loses the ball, Aarons has to hurdle his team-mate to get back in time and get goal-side of Irvine, staying strong again to regain possession.

42 – Buendia is robbed by Bowen and the attacker threads Lichaj in down the left but Aarons shows great pace to get back and dive in before he gets in the box, winning a goal-kick with the tackle, to huge cheers.

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50 – Stiepermann heads a free-kick away, the right-back chases out and slides in to turn Henriksen’s cross behind for a corner.

55 – Does well to control a long ball and turn away from trouble but gets clearance all wrong, straight to Kevin Stewart, but Pukki charges backwards to win back possession.

71 – Buendia loses possession in attack and Hull counter, Lichaj bypasses Aarons but Christoph Zimmermann slides in to tackle Irvine and put the ball out for a throw – taking out Aarons at the same time.

78 – Gets up to challenge Lichaj to a David Marshall kick in the air and does enough to make him miss the ball, to cheers from the home fans.

85 – Hooks David Milinkovic’s cross from the left clear inside his own box.

87 – Gets draw towards Lichaj and Kamil Grosicki is threaded in behind him, then can’t stop the cross coming in and Chris Martin heads in at the near post for 3-2.

90+2 – McLean loses the ball and Aarons is doubled up on but Trybull slides in to halt Grosicki.

Verdict: Really impressive work in the first half, contributing in attack but remaining strong in defence. Quieter second half as City lost their way collectively though and was culpable for the Tigers’ second goal.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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