WATCH: City return to full contact training ahead of Premier League return

PUBLISHED: 12:35 02 June 2020 | UPDATED: 12:35 02 June 2020

Norwich City have resumed contact training. Picture: Norwich City FC

Norwich City have resumed contact training. Picture: Norwich City FC

JASON DAWSON ©Jason Dawson

Norwich City’s first-team squad have returned to full contact training for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic halted the Premier League season.

The Canaries are set to return to top-flight action later this month after the government cleared elite sport to return following a lengthy absence due to the crisis.

City began training in small groups in May, with up to four players participating in a single socially distant session at any one time.

Premier League clubs gave the green light to a return to full contact training following the confirmation that football would begin behind closed doors later this month.

City have nine fixtures remaining to fight for their top-flight status, with the dates of their games yet to be confirmed.

WATCH: City players are put through their paces in the video above

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